Monday, 25 February 2013

WG Consortium Facebook Community

A big thanks to Les ( and Chung ( for their very kind words about my work in their community review video @ 07:20.

Both have suggested the weathering could use a bit of splatter. The truth is I have not tried that technique and am reluctant to try it on a model that I have finished to this standard. I think I will rig up a piece of plasticard with the colour scheme I have used and try it first.

Thanks guys though. You have an excellent Facebook group going there. Check out

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Now with added Facebookness!

If you are one of these social media types, please pop on over to facebook and give a like. I will keep you updated there with whatever I am working on and any blog updates.

Many thanks,


Land Raider 99.99% done

OK after a marathon session tonight finishing off all the bits and bobs the Land Raider is done. It will be interchangeable between all configurations, GodHammer, Crusader and Redeemer. Shown below is the GodHammer pattern. Bits I have realised I have forgotten to finish include washing and highlighting the multi-melta and the lens on top of the sponsons. That is a 5 minute job for tomorrow. In the mean time here are a couple of pics. I shall change the options over and take some shots of the Redeemer and Crusader on Friday. Valentines Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

More Land Raider pics!

Getting to the finishing stages now. Filled in the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol on the engine last night as well as gun shrouds ( I am planning on this Land Raider being convertible for all variants so can run Godhammer lascannons, Hurricane bolters or Flamestorm cannons.)

Couple of pics. First the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol. A little rough and ready, only the main colours are down due to the lateness of the hour painting last night. The blending on the skull needs revisting and it needs a wash as well to pull it all together and add shade to the metallic left half of the skull.

I do have a pic of the gun shroud but it is really blurry. The joys of taking photos with an iPhone camera in way less than perfect light. I will leave that one until it is assembled I think.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

More Land Raider pics!

More updates on the Land Raider. Last night the last steps of weathering where finished. 

I have airbrushed several colours up the side of the base of the Land Raider. These where all Vallejo Air Colours, I used Hemp, Sandy Brown and Olive Drab. That helps to blend in the harsher tones from the earth effects to give a nice dusty look. It did however look a bit too uniform so afterwards I gave it a blast with Matt Varnish and then applied some Vallejo pigments followed by isopropanyl (both applied with a brush) to fix them in place. 

After that I re-visited the streaking. One of the effects of the lower dusty weathering is that it lightens the overall tone of the model. I therefore added some more dark streaking effect to somewhat balance that out. 

The front blood angel drop was filled in with Badger Minitaire Blood Ghost Tint as was the side blood drop. The little lights around the top hatches where brush wet blended with dark grey up to a light grey and then covered in Badger Minitaire Green Ghost Tint. I am not sure I like the finish on them so I may go back and hit them with the airbrush for an OSL effect. Anyway, here are the pics. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

YouTube Channel

OK folks striking whilst the iron is ...well luke warm I have created the YouTube channel

As and when the first videos start to go up, that is where they will appear. It won't be anytime soon as I need to get everything set up but thought you might like the advanced notice of where the content will appear.


Errr ahh ok....that kind of happened quickly, welcome to Dodge Miniature Painting!!

Yeah so that bit about plenty of notice.....err surprise! It won't happen again........promise.......

Anyway welcome to Dodge Miniature Painting. Sorry for the rather abrupt name change but I wanted something that better fit this blog.

I also have intentions of starting some YouTube videos to go with some of the painting I do at some point. Links will go up here for that channel.

All part of the plan to deliver some more content that you may find useful or nice to look at.



Blog Layout

In the coming days I am going to be experimenting with the Blog layout. You may catch it whilst it looks a bit goofy but please bare with me.

Also you may find the blog name changes soon. I set up easyridersofhann to blog a tale of three gamers challenge several years ago. My list then was bike heavy Eldar shenanigans hence the name but this doesn't really fit what I do now. Therefore you may see the name change. Now the trick is, I have no idea whether this automatically updates for subscribers or whether you will lost the subscription link. I will try and research this and if it will cause subscriptions to break I will try and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Land raider Work in Progress - Weathering

Pic heavy update today of the weathering process on the Land Raider. Using AK Interactive weathering streaks, Tamiya weathering powders and Vallejo earth effects in varying shades. 

This is the first stage. The earth effects are added to give texture around the base of the land raider. I will then blend in some earthy colours with the airbrush to give a dusty effect. Once that is finished I will know whether the rest of the model needs balancing out with some more weathering. Oh there will be some pigments added at some point in the process as well. 

Finally after all that I will then do the headlights and the adeptus mechanicus symbol on the back (which I figure a conscientious operator would keep clean :) )

Friday, 8 February 2013

Land Raider Work in Progress

A few work in progress pics of the land raider redeemer/crusader I have on the desk, complete with forgeworld door kit. The main air brush and brush work has been done and a satin varnish seal applied. Last night it was pin washed in with a mix of lamp black and vandyke brown oils. Need to do a blue wash for the angel wings and then it will be sealed and the weathering commenced.