Tuesday, 12 February 2013

More Land Raider pics!

More updates on the Land Raider. Last night the last steps of weathering where finished. 

I have airbrushed several colours up the side of the base of the Land Raider. These where all Vallejo Air Colours, I used Hemp, Sandy Brown and Olive Drab. That helps to blend in the harsher tones from the earth effects to give a nice dusty look. It did however look a bit too uniform so afterwards I gave it a blast with Matt Varnish and then applied some Vallejo pigments followed by isopropanyl (both applied with a brush) to fix them in place. 

After that I re-visited the streaking. One of the effects of the lower dusty weathering is that it lightens the overall tone of the model. I therefore added some more dark streaking effect to somewhat balance that out. 

The front blood angel drop was filled in with Badger Minitaire Blood Ghost Tint as was the side blood drop. The little lights around the top hatches where brush wet blended with dark grey up to a light grey and then covered in Badger Minitaire Green Ghost Tint. I am not sure I like the finish on them so I may go back and hit them with the airbrush for an OSL effect. Anyway, here are the pics. 


  1. Really nice looking. It tempts me to do the same with my Deathwing Land raider Crusader that I am putting together. Damn these people that inspire you half way through a project to try something new :P

    Now I shall check out the rest of the blog.

    Again Nice Job.

  2. Haha thank you and sorry :)

    Thanks for checking out the blog.