Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Light tent on its way!

After looking back through some of my photos I have decided that my photography really isn't doing the final results justice. I had intended to make my own light tent but time and effort amongst so many projects on the bench has mean't that I have never really progressed forward with it. The tents I had seen online where all way over the budget I had to invest in one. However after a chat at my FLGS last night, one of the players pointed me towards amazon where I could get one for a tenner! Don't know why I never looked there before to be honest, anyway thanks to amazon free delivery it should be here early next week and I can start taking some decent pictures.

Watch this space!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Trollblood Earthborn Dire Troll

I have decided to dip my toe into the warmahordes scene at my LFGS. In that spirit and based on no other criteria other than I love the models I have decided to play Trollbloods.

Here is a WIP of my Trollblood Earthbron Dire Troll

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Two days annual leave - lots on the list of things to do!

Well using up some of my annual leave that I have outstanding. 2 days off and a list of things to do. Here is the list, their current state and the desired state at the end of the two days

Forgeworld Warhound Titan (Commission)
Currently - 90% done
Objective - Complete

Forgeworld IronClad Dread in Dark Angels scheme (Commission)
Currently - 95% done
Objective - Complete

Forgeworld Dark Angels Venerable Dread (Commission)
Currently - BNIB
Objective - Prepped, primed and main colour down

2 x Dark Angels Vindicators (Commission)
Currently - painted by client
Objective - Stripped, primed and main colour down

2 x Baal Preds (Something for me!! :) )
Currently - in Simple Green being stripped
Objective - Primed and main colour down

Build one light box for photgraphy! (Finally!)

Wow it is going to be a busy couple of days!!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Quick Deathwing Land Raider piccy

Stoopid iPhone didn't want to focus very well. Only a couple of layers of weathering to go on. About 10 minutes worth of work and they are done.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Forgeworld Warhound Titan and Deathwing Land Raider

A mate at my FLGS asked me to do the ground work on his Forgeworld Warhound Titan. The request was to prime the model and get the main colour down and the rest sprayed boltgun metal so he can finish it off. Firstly I love this model, been a fan of Forge World for ages and this is the first titan I have managed to get my hands on. Anyway here is the pic of it pretty much finished in terms of the amount of work I have been asked to do on it. There are a few spots in the finish I need to redo where the primer hasn't bonded with the resin and has lifted.

Next up is the second of the two land raiders I have been working on for another friend.It has been varnished and given a sepia wash in the recesses. Just need to figure out the best way of assembling it so it can be swapped between a crusader and redeemer. Oh and it needs to be weathered as well. Hopefully shouldn't take too long.