Sunday, 30 August 2009

Corbulo WiP 2

Bit more work done this afternoon. The main armour highlighting has been done but doesn't come out very well on my iPhone camera. I would have taken one on the regular camera but my lovely fiance decided to drop it. Done most of the grail cup and now working on the fine detail. Still need to redo the face but I am currently reading up on face painting techniques.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Corbulo WiP

Really enthused about getting a blood angels list off the ground. Started and got a fair bit of the base layering and some detail done on Corbulo last night. Quite happy with the way the face has turned out although I imagine Blood Angels to be much paler skinned so I will probably try and tone it down a little. Bit. Not sure on the technique I would use for that so a bit of research is required. To be honest I have not had much practise painting face so am quite pleased with how this one is turning out at the moment.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

OOO a painting update!!

OK Well I have been quite busy painting this week. Finally made a decent start on my Howling Banshees. They are progressing on quite nicely. Using foundation paint undercoats with a wash on top and then filling with Vallejo game range.

I have also stripped down all of my Dark Angel tac squads and transports to convert them to a blood angels list. I found I was only using my Dark Angel Deathwing and Ravenwing so wanted something to make use of the rest of them. The Rhino has been undercoated white then several thinned coats of Vallejo Bloody Red. The edges where then sort of blend highlighted with Vallejo Hot Orange followed by a liberal wash of Baal Red. Then a fine edge highlight of Vallejo Orange Fire. I will use the same technique (big thanks to Jawaballs YouTube vids where I got this technique) for painting the tac squads up

Monday, 24 August 2009

Fresh start

OK, as the three followers out there will have noticed I have dropped off the scene for updates for quite a while. The tale of four gamers fizzled out somewhat and my energies where diverted away from 40K after joining a paintball team (see for details.

I still have a keen interest in 40K and still game every tuesday at my local GCN club. So this blog will metamorphose into something more than my eldar. I will start to include the other armies I play and am working on and share the trials and tribulations of a decidedly below average gamer!