Thursday, 28 May 2009

Month 3 Update - No 4

OK well the wave serpent saw a bit of action last night. The main hull is assembled and base coated with the gems picked out in Mechrite Red for the moment. The first two pictures are of my fire prism that I have been working sporadically on for the last couple of months. The second two are the wave serpent as she currently stands. Tonight hopefully I will get the panel seam highlighting done on her and hopefully the gems. 

At this point I think I have to concede that I will be unlikely to make this months point deadline as tonight is my last available night of painting before I am away until Monday which will be the 1st. Never say never but I think it will take a painting miracle to get what I need to get done on the wave serpent tonight.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Month 3 Update

OK I have been very reticent in updating recently so here are a few snaps of how my fire dragons are turning out. My 250 points for this month will be 6 fire dragons, with no exarch (I can't see him as a good use of points) mounted in a wave serpent. Here are the pretty much finished pics of the Fire Dragons. Just need to do a few bits of detail on them and they are done. I think they are table standard as it is and count for painting points but there are a few little bits I want to do on them. Their wave serpent has been partially assembled, undercoated and then the main blue colour layed down on the individual pieces. No pics yet but hopefully after tonight it will be all assembled and I will have started highlighting. I am assembling the wave serpent and painting it in sections to make things like the engines easier to drybrush

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Month 3 update - some painting has been done!

OK I have pretty much decided on the Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent as my points for the month. Here is the WiP shoot of the Fire Dragons.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Month 3 Update

Well I should probably post another update given there has been nothing for 2 weeks. 

I am currently umming and ahhing over my 250 points for month 3. My initial fancy is some Fire Dragons in a wave serpent. I can use these to whizz about and soften up monstrous creatures prior to any assaults or get round that pesky "we'll be back" rule. I can use the Wave Serpent to contest objectives at the end of games so seems like a good choice. 

However I have also managed to get hold of some war walkers which I am assembling. I am wondering whether 3 war walkers with scatter lasers might be nice as well. That would be 24 S6 shots per turn coming out of them....hmm decisions decisions