Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Month 3 Update

OK I have been very reticent in updating recently so here are a few snaps of how my fire dragons are turning out. My 250 points for this month will be 6 fire dragons, with no exarch (I can't see him as a good use of points) mounted in a wave serpent. Here are the pretty much finished pics of the Fire Dragons. Just need to do a few bits of detail on them and they are done. I think they are table standard as it is and count for painting points but there are a few little bits I want to do on them. Their wave serpent has been partially assembled, undercoated and then the main blue colour layed down on the individual pieces. No pics yet but hopefully after tonight it will be all assembled and I will have started highlighting. I am assembling the wave serpent and painting it in sections to make things like the engines easier to drybrush

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