Thursday, 29 April 2010

How to Magnetise the new GW Baal Predator kit

Hi there,
Second attempt at posting this. The first one was on my old camcorder and the quality was shocking so hopefully this will be better. Its a walkthrough of the way I have magnetised the new GW Blood Angels Baal Predator kit so it can be used as both a Flamestorm Cannon and twin linked assault cannons. I had to make a couple of heavy handed cuts to get it inside YouTube's 10 minute cutoff so apologies for that.

Hope some of you find it helpful,


Monday, 19 April 2010

Podcasts I listen too

Just a quick post about a couple of podcasts I listen to, both are great for insight into the 40K game. Looking at tactics, unit synergy and ways to improve your game as well as general game/alpha nerd banter

Check out and

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Quick promo to a good blogsite

Just found one of the guys at my local game group website. Check it out.

Mephiston Update

Finally feels like I am getting there! Sword is done although I am not really happy with it and may go back and redo it. Most of the detail is done. I have fubar'd the lower section of his breastplate so that needs redoing. I reckon about another 10 hours worth of painting and he will be done.

Things left to do

1) His back pack
2) His armour
3) His personal banner from the new Codex
4) Attempt at a freehand design on the back of his cloak....eek