Thursday, 29 April 2010

How to Magnetise the new GW Baal Predator kit

Hi there,
Second attempt at posting this. The first one was on my old camcorder and the quality was shocking so hopefully this will be better. Its a walkthrough of the way I have magnetised the new GW Blood Angels Baal Predator kit so it can be used as both a Flamestorm Cannon and twin linked assault cannons. I had to make a couple of heavy handed cuts to get it inside YouTube's 10 minute cutoff so apologies for that.

Hope some of you find it helpful,



  1. Very nice mate - fairly similar to how I did mine, but I decided as this was my first magnetising foray, I would go the whole hog and even the sponsons armaments are magnetised and it wasn't as time consuming or hard as you seemed to imply. But then again if you aren't looking to field it, then why bother :P

    I will have to show you what I have done next time I catch you at the club.

  2. awesome! i'm going to have to make mine this way when the time comes...