Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Two days annual leave - lots on the list of things to do!

Well using up some of my annual leave that I have outstanding. 2 days off and a list of things to do. Here is the list, their current state and the desired state at the end of the two days

Forgeworld Warhound Titan (Commission)
Currently - 90% done
Objective - Complete

Forgeworld IronClad Dread in Dark Angels scheme (Commission)
Currently - 95% done
Objective - Complete

Forgeworld Dark Angels Venerable Dread (Commission)
Currently - BNIB
Objective - Prepped, primed and main colour down

2 x Dark Angels Vindicators (Commission)
Currently - painted by client
Objective - Stripped, primed and main colour down

2 x Baal Preds (Something for me!! :) )
Currently - in Simple Green being stripped
Objective - Primed and main colour down

Build one light box for photgraphy! (Finally!)

Wow it is going to be a busy couple of days!!

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