Thursday, 14 February 2013

Land Raider 99.99% done

OK after a marathon session tonight finishing off all the bits and bobs the Land Raider is done. It will be interchangeable between all configurations, GodHammer, Crusader and Redeemer. Shown below is the GodHammer pattern. Bits I have realised I have forgotten to finish include washing and highlighting the multi-melta and the lens on top of the sponsons. That is a 5 minute job for tomorrow. In the mean time here are a couple of pics. I shall change the options over and take some shots of the Redeemer and Crusader on Friday. Valentines Day tomorrow!


  1. 99.99% done - But 100% awesome! That's an amazing paint job!

  2. That is sick mate I love it. The mud and effects are done perfect so many times people mess up on what mud looks like, but you have nailed it. Thick and clumpy in areas were it should be and thin and dusty in the correct place. One of the best Blood angels land raiders I have seen :)

  3. Wow. Thanks guys for your kind comments :)