Wednesday, 13 February 2013

More Land Raider pics!

Getting to the finishing stages now. Filled in the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol on the engine last night as well as gun shrouds ( I am planning on this Land Raider being convertible for all variants so can run Godhammer lascannons, Hurricane bolters or Flamestorm cannons.)

Couple of pics. First the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol. A little rough and ready, only the main colours are down due to the lateness of the hour painting last night. The blending on the skull needs revisting and it needs a wash as well to pull it all together and add shade to the metallic left half of the skull.

I do have a pic of the gun shroud but it is really blurry. The joys of taking photos with an iPhone camera in way less than perfect light. I will leave that one until it is assembled I think.

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