Friday, 8 February 2013

Land Raider Work in Progress

A few work in progress pics of the land raider redeemer/crusader I have on the desk, complete with forgeworld door kit. The main air brush and brush work has been done and a satin varnish seal applied. Last night it was pin washed in with a mix of lamp black and vandyke brown oils. Need to do a blue wash for the angel wings and then it will be sealed and the weathering commenced.


  1. Could you describe the 'pin wash' that you did? How is this done?

  2. Sure. A pin wash is a thinned down wash applied around things like rivets and down panel lines. I gloss coat the model beforehand for two reasons. First off a gloss coat is more forgiving of mistakes and second, oil paints need to be thinned with artist grade white spirit (aka mineral spirits in the US I believe) or odourless turpentine (I use odourless turpentine as it seems to give a nicer flowing wash. Using artist grade of either is a must though!). Both of these will eat away at your acrylic layer underneath so that must be sealed before the oil was is applied. You want the was to be very thin so the capillary action of the carrier makes the oil flow down and around your panel lines. There are some great youtube tutorials on the WGconsortium, OrcPainterNerd and MarneusAugustaCalgar YouTube channels that go through oil (and also enamel) washes in more detail.

    Thanks for your comment and for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the info, I'll have to take a look at some of those videos!