Thursday, 5 March 2009

Last nights updates. OK the bikers themselves have been undercoated then basecoated with Vallejo Game Colour Electric Blue. Once dried they have been washed with Citadeal Asurmen Blue wash. Once that has dried I have gone back over and picked out all the raised detail in Electric Blue once again in preperation for the 1st level of highlighting to go on.

The bikes have had an basecoat of Citadel Chainmail in the engine parts and controls area and then a wash in Citadel Asurmen Blue and lef tto dry. This has come out slightly blue-er than I wanted so I am going to give it a light drybrush with Citadal Mithril to tone down the bluey-ness. The saddles have just had a basecoat of Citadel SnakeBite leather. I am going to tone down the leather several steps.

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