Sunday, 15 March 2009

1st game - draw

Well first game with my Eldar yesterday. A 500 pointer with the guy running nids for our TOTGer's. 

My list

Farseer - jetbike, fortune, doom, sprit stones, runes of witnessing
9 guardian jetbikes - 3 shuriken cannons
1 vyper - star engines, scatter laster

His list
1 flex (can't remember the spec but not too tooled up iirc)
12 stealers
3 CC warriors
12 shooty gaunty

Won't post an in depth report as the details are a little vague from yesterday and my early morning. The result was an entertaining draw. Lots to learn about jetbike tactics but essentially I jumped forward shot and then jumped back in the assault phase. Memorable highlights include his flex with 2 wounds remaining charging my jetbikes and farseer who scored two wounds....his saving rolls...snake eyes. I had to chuckle a little bit. 

Points I like. Fast move saves are very nice! As are 6's to hit in CC. Helped my Vyper stay alive contesting one if his objectives. 

Points I don't like. Nids are scary! Lots of units to face, lots of them with fleet means you have to be very careful about where you leave yourself.

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