Thursday, 3 May 2012

Corbulo update

Sort of a "how to" post today. Although as my wife keeps telling me I would make a lousy teacher it is probably more of a "how I did this" post. My Corbulo 5th revision of paint scheme is coming along quite nicely. He has now been given a coat of satin varnish to seal in the oil wash. When working with oils it is very important to varnish your mini either side of the process as acrylics and oils do not play well with each other.

OK so I need to paint Corbulo's shoulder pad red. I could simply break out a brush and crack on but that would be far too easy :) So instead the shoulder pad is carefully masked off and the area primed with Vallejo Air Grey Primer, not the new polyurethane primer this is the standard darker grey primer. Although I have moved over to the Vallejo polyurethane primers for most work now, my Blood Angels army was already in progress before I discovered the new primers so I am keeping continuity with them.

OK masked the area.

Grey Primer

Next is the colour detail, the pad was filled with VGC Bloody Red, then a shadow along the base of VGC Bloody Red and Dark Fleshtone and a highlight along the top of Bloody Red and Hot Orange.

Then finally, carefully remove the masking tape.

Et Viola, one red shoulder pad. Next up will be face detail.

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