Thursday, 10 May 2012

Light tent finally up and running

A while ago I forked out a tenner on a cheap light tent from Amazon which has pretty much just sat there doing nothing. Well I finally cleared some space, assembled it and dusted off my DSLR which has been way under utilised recently.

So this is my first photo taken using a halfway decent set up (two daylight lamps, a tripod and a decent exposure).

The results

Hopefully it is a massive improvement on the iPhone pics I usually take. I need to work on the exposure a little bit and print off a decent graduated colour background as the white becomes rather stark and starts to wash out the colour on the mini but overall I am hoping it is as step in the right direction.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great improvement! Makes him look pro done!

    More angles?

  2. Thanks, yeah I will take some more from different angles as soon as he is finished :)

    Only a few more hours work required so hopefully will get it done tonight.