Monday, 10 March 2014

Calas Typhon

So I have finally started something of my Hobby Progress Challenge. Well by started I mean I've bought some models.....OK Model! Picked up Calas Typhon to run as my Typhus. Absolutely gorgeous sculpt! Looks so much better in person than the pics on the forgeworld website and they were pretty darn good to begin with.

I have the usual resin issues of a lot of cleaning needing doing and some greenstuffing of sections where the resin has bubbles or gone paper thin. Also and slightly disappointing is the removable base. Once both parts of the resin base are assembled, there is nowhere near enough room to get the 40mm base out to game with.Something is going to have to be done with magnets I think in order to be able to put him on a separate 40mm base. Will post up some pics later of the cleaned up version.

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