Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Progress Challenge. I have thrown my hat in!

Nothing like a challenge to get you motivated. 

With that in mind I have entered the 2014 The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge. If you haven't seen this then I strongly urge to to head over to the independent characters website and get listening to their podcast and join their community. Now in its third year this is a great initiative to get players painting their models with a bit of community spirit urging you forward.

My entry can be found at

Updates will be here on the blog, on facebook and in that thread.

The 2014 HPC sees some fun changes to last years challenge with the requirements split into two 1,000 points list. The first 1,000 must be a legal Zone Mortalis list (rules available for free from Forgeworld).

I will be going Nurgle with a Typhus list with some zombies, plague marines, oblitorators and a daemon prince. 

The second 1,000's will make this up to a legal 2K army. I will be allying in some Nurgle Daemons and there will be a nurglified Helldrake as well. 

This will be fun!

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