Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Death Company WiP - washes finished

Satin varnish then oil washes went on last night. The effect brings out the parchment and skulls very nicely. I will probably go back and apply a light bleached bone glaze to the highlights on the skulls to make them pop. The wings where also given a very well thinned blue wash as well. The desired effect is to have the wash so thin that capillary action does the work in adding more shade into the recesses. Works nicely on top of the painted blending.


  1. These are looking great, looking forward to seeing the completed squad

  2. Thanks :) Should be pics up this weekend of the completed squad.

  3. Amazing, just starting to paint own my blood angels army(started 40k half a year ago)and i wish i can paint half as good as you!!
    Hope to see your finished work and all the best!