Friday, 22 March 2013

Commission time - Leviathan

OK so my Blood Angels are finally finished. Two years of work and MANY revisions of the paint scheme later and I am really happy with them. Proper pics will come soon just as soon as I get a day with some decent sunlight....not sure if you are all familiar with the average Devon spring time....this might take a while!

In the mean time a friend of mine Col Gravis has asked me to do some work for him on his Leviathan. He has been scratch building this for......well as long as I have known him now :) and has a campaign weekend coming up that he would like it ready for but doesn't have the time to do himself as he is currently redoing his really rather pretty Praetorian Imperial Guard army, saw a sneak preview last night and they are looking superb.

So over to the airbrush it will be to get the main colour down for him.

Here are a few quick photos taken this morning to give you an idea of the scale of this tank. My Land Raider is dwarved by it!!


  1. It'll be great to finally see some paint on this beast, it's been around as long as some of our blogs!

  2. Haha! Yes rather looking forward to getting started on it. I've seen it in quite a few apocalypse battles over the years. It is a real centerpiece creation, it deserves some paint!

  3. Agreed!
    Good luck getting stuck into it :)