Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Furioso Dreadnaught base WiP

Finished most of the work required on the base last night in preparation to create the dirty water pools I am after. I have made sure that the depressions the mix will be poured into are water tight by filling around the edges with modelling putty and then once it has completely set putting a thin layer of PVA over the top of that and letting that dry. After that I have used Vallejo Sandy Paste, Brown Earth Paste and Dark Earth Paste to create a muddied effect at the bottom of the pool.

It currently looks like this

I now have two options to use for the dirty water effect.

The first is a two part crystal resin kit that I used to create the water effect in this mini base

That wasn't my most successful pour by the way :) I managed to tidy that up quite a fact I will post a pic of that mini (Malifaux December Cult Ice Golem) when I remember. Now personally that is too clear for the effect that I am after. I want something that looks more like a muddy puddle with an effect along these lines. (Image from

Looks like it was created using this stuff.

Some experimentation might be needed before I try this on the base for real.

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