Monday, 23 April 2012

25th Anniversary mini update and Storm Raven WiP pics

A couple of update pics for my 25th anniversary mini done in Imperial Fist colours. Quite happy with the way this is turning out as I have not painted yellow in a long time. The mini is essentially finished now. He needs a coat of satin varnish to seal the oil wash and some text details on the various scrolls but I can start working on the banner now and finish of the base details, There are some skulls and shell casings that need picking out.

And next up just a few WiP shots of my Storm Raven. Want to get this done and dusted and off the project shelf and onto the gaming table so will try and finish her tonight. She has been satin varnish so is ready for the final washes to really pop the shadows out and compliment the highlights. Then I need to sort something out for the turret. I am not a fan of the manned turret it comes with so am thinking of ways to change it at the moment.

I have given the pilot a HUD for a bit of fun. It was painted using clear green paint.

Lastly a quick shot of the interior detail. And also a reminder to me that I need to finish the searchlights off at the front.


  1. That is a gorgeous interior. Really well done. In fact, everything's really well done. I'm amazed that no-ones commented on that Rhino before now though.

    1. My brains not home today. How I went from Storm Raven to Rhino I'll never know.