Tuesday, 30 August 2011

THQ: Space Marine Demo

Downloaded the demo this weekend and played both available levels. I have watched the build up to this game quite closely and have really wanted it to work. Thankfully my impression from the demo is that THQ have indeed created a good game. The ability to switch ranged weapons quickly I liked. I am not sure on the ability to carry four ranged weapons though. I would have preferred sticking to two for a bit of realism. The stun/execute combo to regain health is certainly interesting. I wait to see if there are other options such as apothecary packs or anything like that. If the stun/execute is the only way to regain health I can see that being somewhat limiting but may make for an interesting challenge. All in all this will still be a release day purchase for me. Will probably see BOps traded in to cover some of the cost.

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