Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More Belial and Deathwing Banner pics

OK into the home stretch now. Belial has his arms. I ummed and ahhed over whether to put the lightening claws back on him thinking that with the new FAQ, a TH/SS combo makes him much more survivable however I still think given his lack lustre stats (doesn't even have the same WS as a codex SM Captain and he is supposed to be master of the deathwing!!) his best ability is to be able to deliver another attack at I5 in order to do the most damage.

These are iPhone pics so apologies for the quality. I am in the process of trying to sort out a light tent to get my SLR up and running taking decent pics.

And the Deathwing Banner. This is pretty much done now. There is some tidying up to do and I need to decorate the shield somehow and put some text on the drape around the skeletons body.

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