Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Back from the dead

Boy have I been slack here recently. Basically I burnt out. I was painting an AWFUL lot and playing a fair amount too. Then after the wedding I really had no desire or compunction to play for quite a while.

So what am I doing now. Well about 2 years ago when I started playing 40k again my first army was Dark Angels. I ran several flavours including Greenwing, Deathwing, Ravenwing and Doublewing lists and became not completely incompetent with then which was a good start to playing again. I would even dare to say with the Doublewing I became actually reasonable with them :)

So why bring this up. Well I have probably 3000 points or so of Dark Angels sat around that I have not used for quite some time after picking up Eldar and then Blood Angels so the time has come to move them on to someone else. To that end I am finishing off painting them (finally after 2 years!) in preparation for the inevitable eBay auction. I have

2 x 5man shooty termie squads with AC's (+ an extra with a HF to allow for substitution if required)
1 x 5 man CC termie squad with cyclone (used as Belials command squad, one will have a banner by the time I am ready to sell them)
2 x Full Ravenwing squadrons (12 x Bikes, 2 x Attack Bikes, 2 x speeders)
7 x  devastators (2xPC's, LC, ML, MM,2x HB)
11 x tactical marines
6 x Veterans (used as Sergeants)
Brother Bethor with hand painted banner
Sammual on his jetbike
Belial with TLLC's
Belial with TH/SS (a LOT more viable post FAQ!)

So amounts to a fair bit so hoping to get a reasonable price for them. Never sold figures on eBay so will be interesting to see if the amount I get for them matches my expectations.

Over the next few days I will try and post up some pics of the work I have done. In the mean time here is a rough iPhone photo of the Deathwing banner I am currently converting to round out Belials command squad.

It was inspired by the suggested banner bearer from a GWOnline article I found quite a while ago. The figure is the Warhammer Empire Standard. I have chopped/hacked/filed/dremmeled off the hammer and using an old terminator power sword and some milliput started to build a sword to better represent the deathwing.

Next is Astorath for my Blood Angels. I am hoping to play a few tournaments this year to get back into playing again. Again poor quality iPhone photo until I can set up my decent camera, the model is extremely shiny as it has been hardcoated before I use the Army Builder Matt spray varnish for the final protective coat

Again will post up a better picture once he has been sprayed and I have my decent camera set up.

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