Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Rebuilding Plague Marines

So the Finecast Plague Marines I got are in a pretty poor state. I am not too worred about the body of them...they are nurgle so a few odd casting areas isn't the end of the world however the bolters were bothering me. The muzzles where in very poor condition, looking almost conical rather than cylindrical with cracks down them. Some even sheared when I went to drill the barrels the solution.....30 mile round trip to a train store to buy some styrene tubing to rebuild the muzzles.....I think I may have a touch of modelling OCD :/

So what did I do. . .

First off pics of the muzzles. Pretty darn poor.

I took off all the finecast at the front of the bolter and sanded it flush before drilling out a 2mm hole. (pic below is the 1mm pilot hole)

 I took some 2mm (I the top of my head) styrene rod

Cut into small sections

Inserted into the drilled out bolter and cut to the same length. Tidyed up with a sanding sponge.

Muzzles drilled out. Job done

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  1. Excellent job repairing the bolters. I've destroyed a few over the years when trying to drill out the barrels. It's nice to see an easy to follow guide on repairing them! Thanks.