Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Rest of my Blood Angels - Monster Pic Heavy Post!

So my Blood Angels are just about done. There are a few minor things here and there that need doing but they are minutes worth of work rather than hours or days ....or months............or years!

They have been a real labour of love but after 2ish years and several versions of red later I am really happy with how they have turned out.

So here they are......

Assault terminators with Forgeworld shoulder pads

5 man assault squad with JP's

10 man assault squad with JP's

Sanguinary Guard

5 man assault squad

10 man tactical squad

10 man Death Company squad with magentised backpacks/JP's

Drop Pod



Dakka pred

Baal pred (forgot to put sponson weapons on.......iz dumbass!)


Furioso Dread (yes it looks a lot like an ironclad :) ) 

Death Company Dread

That is probably enough for the moment :) Will post up the Storm Raven and the special characters in the next post.

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