Friday, 20 July 2012

Blood Angels Drop pod - started some weathering

Bit more progress last night. The beginnings of some weathering have been applied. A bit rough and ready at this stage but they will be built up upon tonight. When thinking about the weathering my thoughts were that this is a drop pod that would hurtle down through the atmosphere at a hell of a rate of knots before firing retro engines but will still hit the deck with some force. Therefore I have gone for vertical paint scratches on the doors and side fins and have started to apply some pigments to them to give that scorched motion effect. The base is being quite heavily layered in dark pigments to simulate atmospheric burn effect during entry.


  1. Looking good. The weathering is really starting to give it some zing.

  2. Thank you :) Ran out of some weathering supplies so hitting the model train shop after work to stock back up. Should be another update tomorrow.