Thursday, 13 October 2011

Airbrushed Blood Angels Vindicator - Done + few updates

Bit of a large update today.

In between prepping a couple of Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts for a commission I have managed to finish of a couple of Blood Angel vehicles that were sat on my bench.

1st up is a vindicator. It was painted using the same technique described in my previous razorback post. Very happy with the way it has turned out. I think I will go back and add some more weathering to the tracks at some stage but for the moment it is ready to go.

Overall I am extremely happy with the way it has come out and look forward to shooting foo's with it :)

2nd up is the razorback seen in previous posts. Just needed a few finishing touches to get it over the line and ready to game. The assault cannons will probably be redone with the airbrush at some point as well as again some more track weathering but again good to go on the tabletop.

Last up is the beginning of work on a dreadnought Plasma cannon and close combat weapon as part of the commission I am working on. Only the very beginning but getting some of the blended airbrush work done so I can mask it off and work the rest of the areas.

Apologies for the photo quality of the last two snaps, they were taken with no setup at dark o'clock in the morning. 


  1. Frikkin beautifully done, man! Not much to say, really, that's a sexy vindicator.

    Are your metallics metal or grey? They're pretty soft and I really like them.

  2. Thank you :)

    At the moment all my metallic's are metal. I keep thinking about trying NMM but now I have an airbrush, the softness in the finish you can get with metallics for me is perfect.