Monday, 5 September 2011

Frozen water effect base WiP 3 - It all went a bit pear shaped

Oh dear.......that didn't go quite according to plan! After the frantic correction after the first pour attempt went a bit wrong, the finish really hasn't come out how I would have liked. There is a lip of resin around the top and the front is very uneven and not flat at all.

I think I will need to revisit the technique I used. I smeared vaseline across the plastic I was using as the barrier at the front to prevent the resin from sticking but it doesn't appear to have been very successful. I think next time I will paint a thin veneer of PVA across it. Wait for it to dry then do the pour and the PVA should just then peel off. Oh well, now I need to decide whether to try and repair this attempt or start again........decisions decisions

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