Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Challenge

The challenge:  As with the White Dwarf article, our Tale of Three Gamers will be run over four months with the point’s value of models assembled increasing each month 

Month 1: 500 points

Month 2: 750 points

Month 3: 1000 points

Month 4: 1500 points


There is also discussion of including bonus challenges with items such as object markers to be decided later.

This brings me to the hardest part of the challenge. The list! 
I have an idea of what units I really want to include.

Farseer and Warlock squad on bikes loaded up with destructor
3 Jetbike Squads (need the troop choices for loot counter missions)
I really want some Harlequins in there. I love the fluff and they will be great fun to paint

The rest to be decided from the following:

Fire Prism
Wave Serpent
Shining Spears


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